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By Shreyasi24
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"You have left me no choice my love. I need to do what I didn't want to do." David said. His eyes turned dark. "No David. Don't." Sky said. Ohh God...!!! Was he going to eat me? Drink my blood? I got scared. What he did was unimaginable. He took me on his back and with inhuman speed, he took me somewhere in a jungle - like place. His sisters followed us. As I saw down, I knew where we were going. It was in the cemetery. "You are just mine...!!!" David shouted as he ran with his inhuman speed. •••••••• It is a story about a girl, named Alicia. She is an unpopular but an intelligent girl. Her world was her books until one day, a guy named David comes in her life. It happens to be a turning point in her life. The personality of David and Alicia is completely opposite. Read more to see what happens to their story. Dear Readers, This is the first ever story I have written. I am just 14. There will be a lot of grammatical errors. Pls try to ignore them. Pls vote and comment 😊 Highest Ranking: #48 in Vampire (18/09/16) #8 in Vampire (23/09/16) #5 in Vampire (25/09/16) #4 in Vampire (04/10/16)

Chapter 1

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by Shreyasi24