Protected by the Ma...
By lenaxlei
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Highest Rank: #42 in Romance Book One of the Code of Silence Series 16 year old Avalon thought she had life figured out. Perfect grades, popular, and the life of a party despite what happens behind closed doors. But when she stumbles her way out of her sound social life one night and walks past the wrong place at the wrong time, Ava's life is suddenly changed to the point of no return. * "I don't remember." He pushed himself against me, bringing his face close. "You do." He said quietly. "N-no I don't." I whimpered. Leaning his head down, he lightly kissed my neck. "Yes, you do." Moving from my neck he kissed along my jaw up to my earlobe, biting it. I let out a small moan and quickly shut my mouth. "No. I don't know anything." I breathed heavily. "Liar," he whispered in my ear. "I'll find out what you know bella, and it won't be pretty." He said and released me, walking out of the door, leaving me alone to my thoughts. * MATURE STORY. I'd advise anyone over the age of 16 to read it. Story contains Mature and Suggestive Themes.

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