The Second Chance (...
By MirandaLimbDoran
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After Julie Kagawa's The Forever Song, Jackal leaves Allison and Eden behind on the start of a new adventure. With the cure of Rabidism, the world now has a second chance at rebuilding itself and starting new. Of course, this means that vampires and humans will have to find a way to coexist, but that would come much, much later. With a plan to travel the world, Jackal comes across a girl, Abigail, and decides to allow her to accompany him. At first, he blames this newfound care towards a human on his blood sister having "rubbed off" on him. But as time passes, Jackal comes to the understanding that he, in fact, does care for this human. Perhaps it's just not the world that has a second chance. But Jackal, as well.

Chapter 1: Jackal

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The Secon...
by MirandaLimbDoran