Her Butler, in Love...
By Lizzie_Phantomhive06
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Elizabeth Midford, the lady with a pure heart has turned into a merciless and a ruthless lady. She summoned a demon just to obtain revenge in the Midford's Murder. A lady with determination and attitude, that's how they describe her. She's the sacrificial bride of the Underworld's guardian. Killing his family and loved ones just to marry that demon and kill her afterwards. But how will she obtain her revenge? How will she achieve her revenge when she falls in love with the demon she summoned to? Will she betray and follow her heart, or continue her revenge and let her soul vanish afterwards. "Weak in order to love, strong in order to protect, both in order to stay by your side." that is her principle to live. The question is... Will she continue to take revenge or let go of revenge and love.


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Her Butle...
by Lizzie_Phantomhive06