Across the Wildland...
By pictureXthisX
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\\COMPLETE// Book One Wars and famine were just the beginning. From the ashes of the old world rose a new order; complete obedience to a company called the Achilles. Failure to abide by the law results in death. There's no more innocent until proven guilty. Alex is just one amongst a group of people called Designations. They can cripple the Achilles with a virus, but that responsibility isn't for everyone. There's questions needing answers, and partaking in a coup will have to wait. The Wildlands beyond the cities will hold more than just answers. After all, what kind of place has the word 'wild' in it? Mad Max meets I am Number Four meets kickass characters on a rough trip through self-discovery. --- LINK TO BOOK TWO: Cover by me Story will contain mild language, violence, and alcohol/tobacco use. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS STILL A DRAFT. THERE WILL BE ERRORS. CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK/COMMENTS WELCOME

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Across th...
by pictureXthisX