The next Ladybug {C...
By Xchatnoir
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"So.. Partners?" "Partners." You and your father, a business man, have recently moved to Paris, France, after your father being promoted at his job. Just before this, Marinette Dupain-cheng and her family had moved to Limoges, causing her to give up her miraculous. With Marinette being gone, and Ladybug needed, the Ladybug earings slipped into your hands, making you the next Ladybug! Becoming a supehero became a little easier, when you met your partner, Chat Noir. You had taken a liking to the punny cat-boy, and might just fall for him. - If you are inspired by this story see the bottom - {DISCLAIMER: some chapters at the beginning may contain typos or be poorly written, future chapters will be much better!! THERE IS SWEARING AND VIOLENCE} - Highest rank: #3 in fanfiction - {art on the cover belongs to hunnylemon on deviantart, any art shown is not mine} - Hey!! If you are inspired by this story that's totally cool and awesome!! But, please please always ask me before using one of my ideas!! Make sure to give credit!! And please DO NOT ripoff the plot. You can use the idea of the reader getting the ladybug miraculous all you want, but be original!! A lot of time and effort was put into this story, so it sucks when I get copied and people take it as their own.

[prologue] Goodbye, Marinette

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The next...
by Xchatnoir