Summer Scape [Weath...
By YJCollins_
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One hot summer. Two flirty strangers. Together. But until when? +++ Weather Series 2 "Take a chance. Because you never know how absolutely perfect something could turn out to be." If it turned out bad at least you tried. +++ Zyle Castillo was raised to become a gentleman. He used to work as a courier of a post office when his path crossed to the thin, clumsy yet gorgeous woman named Arila. Their interests will brought them together until the small spark ignite into a sweet, fiery fire. But the summer was soon to end and there are things that hadn't been discussed yet. They need to do things fast, before it's too late, and all they can do is to regret and ask what ifs. Or maybe it's just another summer love.

Naughty & good

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Summer Sc...
by YJCollins_