The Bad Boy and the...
By Fiction_Reader_
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High School: Violet is obsessed with grades. Her top school is Harvard and she plans to get there. She has a history with the bad boys, but can a new boy break down her walls? Ace is a bad boy. He drinks, smokes, races, lies, cheats, and well you get it. When a girl catches his eye, he wants to know more, but when his friend blackmails him into going against his judgement, what will happen? College: Violet made it into Harvard after a lot of hard work in high school. Now its her first year of college and she plans to work just as hard. She has a history with Ace, but will distance get in the way? Ace is trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. He was always the bad boy that didn't care about school, so what now? He is working towards being an author, but when it comes to his career or Violet, which will he choose? Highest rank: #795 in romance #50 in dare #4 in nicknames

Chapter One

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The Bad B...
by Fiction_Reader_