What Will You Do If...
By chuckae
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About a girl who liked to eat healthy and smoke weed. Delirah Cruz isn't suicidal. She wants to die. She doesn't think of a million ways to kill herself. She imagines herself in the shoes of the million people who are dying or already dead. Quintin Cruz is damaged despite his step-sister's secret efforts of keeping him out of real world trouble. Juliet Baker wants to fit in, especially into size zero jeans. Cohen Evans is looking for friends and Chace Evans is looking out for his sister. Edollie Rivera is trying to be normal. Vincent Harris is in search of justice. Leo Reyes is gay and a walking tragedy. Sam Williams talks a lot but never tells anyone anything. With all their issues and messed up lives they learn they need to learn to learn from other, despite how improper that influence may be. note: contains themes that aren't always pleasant, but need to be acknowledged | read at your own risk (lol) enjoy...


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What Will...
by chuckae