Memoirs Of His Wolf...
By Channel_Reign
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Lincoln and Norah have known each other since they were pups. Born on the same day and in the same pack, they were meant to be. On Linc and Norah's 9th birthday, they made a pact that they would belong together forever as mates no matter what. With a wish granted to the Moon Goddess, Lincoln and Norah prepared for the better that turned out for the worst. On their 21st birthday, Lincoln was in an accident that gave him amnesia. After waking up, he saw a beautiful blonde woman at his side and fell in love with her. Her name was Samantha. Three years down the road, Lincoln is haunted by his wolf telling him about his true mate. Unable to fight the urges, Lincoln feels his wolf pulling him to a woman he hardly knows, but his wolf knows personally. On the Wolf Moon, Lincoln leaves Samantha for a trip, she's unaware of his search for his true mate, he finds Norah... Beautiful Norah....with a little girl. His daughter. All rights reserved, protected and belong to ACLottie2013. Copyright Acts of 1988

Memoirs Of His Wolf (Interracial BW/WM)

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Memoirs O...
by Channel_Reign