Submitting To Him
By MissLeeAnn
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~~~~Danni and Andi Grace, at the age of nine, were left to fend for themselves after their parents death in a forest fire. Closer than most sisters, they set out to find a new home. Accepted by the Blue Moon pack, Andi was loved and cherished while Danni became the pack outcast. The sisters relationship doesn't seem to be so strong anymore. ~~~~ Jace Payne, practically born with a silver spoon in his hand, lives the life of a king. Mostly because that's exactly what he is going to be. Jace isn't ready to become king, for reasons unknown to anyone but he himself. Jace's Father, King Thomas, is ready to step down and let his son take the throne, but there's one tiny problem. Jace needs a queen to rule with him. Thus, King Thomas created the Mating Games. ~~~~ Between the mysterious black wolf, a handsome cocky man, the prince himself, and other males, who will win Danni in the mating games? More importantly, who will win Danni's heart? ~~~~ Death will take place, challenges will be set, and love will be found, but by whom? ***** All rights reserved to MissLeeAnn. Stealing is a crime. *****

Nightmares&Midnight Meetings

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