His Angel, Her Devil
By AlphaFemaleSix
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What happens when your worst nightmare becomes the thing you love most. Well that's what happens to Ali Winters when she moves to New York for Uni. She didn't expect her life to be turned upside down by one person 'him' Damian Knight is prince of darkness, he is heir to the most feared and dangerous mafia in America and is also known as the worlds most sexy bachelor. Arrogant. Dangerous. Ruthless. And terrifying his name alone sends people into shock. He can have any girl he wants and when he sets his eyes on Oh so innocent, sweet, shy and beautiful Ali he must have her. But one thing he didn't expect was rejection. Now Damian only has one mission and that is make Ali HIS!!!! -------------- "What do you want" I whisper "you" comes his short reply. "Why" I manage to choke out through the shock. Damian just smirks and stalks towards me , I walk backwards until my back hits a wall and I know I'm trapped. I look at him with wide eyes my body shaking with fear. Damian stops centimetres from my face with his arms caging me in. "I want to own you Ali. Mind, body and soul. I want you to give me your heart and most importantly I want the whole world to know your MINE" he breaths into my neck. That when the darkness hits me but not before I fall into a pair of warm, strong arms.

Chapter 1

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His Angel...
by AlphaFemaleSix