Strange Attractions...
By onceuponadoctorwho
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Farkle Minkus has finally accepted that his parents are never getting back together. He has also accepted that his mother is now moving to Germany, which means he will now be living with his millionaire father. As if his life couldn't get any worse, his father has decided to get remarried. And to none other than his childhood best friend, now ex-best friend's, mother: Topanga Matthews. Riley Matthews life was practically perfect. I mean her parents were Cory and Topanga Matthews for crying out loud. But two years ago, tragedy struck. On an outing with his best friend, Shawn, Cory had gotten into a fatal accident. Riley's life went spiraling out of control. Her only source of stability being her best friends Maya and Lucas. Just as she was starting to cope, her mother announces that she is engaged and getting married.... to Stuart Minkus. The father of the boy she couldn't stand to be in the same room with, let alone live with. Now being forced to live with one another, they realize they may have some hidden feelings. Feelings that should not be felt when you're supposed to be brother and sister.

Chapter One

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Strange A...
by onceuponadoctorwho