Heart Of Midnight
By Cross-Warrior
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|Wattys Longlist 2018| |The Fiction Awards 2018 Best Fantasy Winner| When a fairy offers Ash Crest a way to sneak into the new king's crowning celebration, she takes it despite people's unspoken disdain of magic. Anything to live out her late mother's dream for her to be a lady. But even surrounded by the life of royalty, she cannot help falling for a lowly stable boy. Their meetings offer her escape, until one night they make her the unwilling witness of the kingdom's most well guarded secret. The Heart of Midnight has been rediscovered, and although Ash has no idea what that is, when pirates wanting it kidnap her stable boy, she gets dragged along and abandoned far from everything she holds dear. With the fairies targeting her and nobody to help her rescue her new love, she only has one choice: join magic wielding pirates whose captain vows to help. But she has entered a dangerous game of revenge and ancient fairy politics. In order to survive, she will need more than just the magical crew by her side. Ash must embrace a life she fears and trust the untrustable, even if it means losing the dream she built her new life around. *Absolutely amazing cover by pennywithaney* *Updates every other Friday*

Heart of Midnight

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Heart Of...
by Cross-Warrior