PBS #1:The Billiona...
By StilettoGodmother01
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⚠️WARNING THIS BOOK IS UNDER MAJOR RECONSTRUCTION READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!⚠️ "I honestly do not know what type of game you're playing here but do not think, not for a second that I will leave my wife for a slut like you." He began to yell in a harsh tone, causing me to freeze in my tracks." Give me one good reason, why I should love you and if you think a baby will change the way I feel about you then you're wrong. I don't love you River. In fact, I never will." He said, with venom in each of his words. I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces. I could not believe this is the picture he had of me. "Love simply does not have reason love is an indescribable feeling and I am not asking anything on your behalf,"I replied, matching the same tone as his. Of course, deep down I knew it was all a lie. ***** One disastrous turn of events drives River to do the impossible to save her family, and that is put to the test when she asked to sleep with the handsome billionaire known as Ethan Scott, so she may carry the heir to his company.

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PBS #1:Th...
by StilettoGodmother01