The Immortal Slave
By Alycat1901
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"You can't get away with killing us!!" To everyone's surprise, the blood-drinking demon started to chuckle as if he found this was the funniest statement he had ever heard. "Relax, children," the devilish man drawled sweetly. "I don't wish to kill any of you remaining, I have bigger plans for all of you. From this moment forward, the world you have known will have ceased to exist. You are to become the servants of individuals for the greater good." No one spoke. Cami carefully looked around at her friends as the ones who weren't crying now looked massively confused as well. It didn't seem anyone was brave enough to speak. Heavy sobs issued from some of the girls while the others started to resist struggling against the burly men holding them down. The burning question Cami had bubbled past her lips before she could contemplate if conversing with the demon was a good idea. "W-what are you t-talking about?" The demon blood-drinker delivered a maniacal smile that caused her to shudder. "Darling, you are going into slavery." For Cami Santiago, this summer break was supposed to be spent enjoying some fun in the sun with her friends. She and her friends soon find themselves in mortal peril as they discover the stranger who followed them to their cabin has diabolical plan in mind for the young teenagers on break; human trafficking. The twist? The frightening ring that promises to keep Cami entwined in slavery is not merely run by diabolical individuals with unscrupulous plans for the young woman; it's run by ancient Gods and Goddesses where only the every best of the crop are allowed to live. Unfortunately for Cami, quite a few gods and monsters deem her a worthy toy to keep. Amazing cover by @leichter


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The Immor...
by Alycat1901