Sticks and Stones {...
By mikeyunderstars
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"Queer, Daddy's Boy, Prick." Dan Howell is your average crybaby. His father is a priest, so he grew up loving the church and everything around him. Wore crosses and an array of pink sweaters. Skipped a few grades and was in the most advanced classes in secondary school. Hung out with the girls rather than the boys. He never broke a rule, never let his grades slip below a B, and always went to bed before midnight. "Fag, Disgrace, Goth." Phil Lester is your average delinquent. Dad died at young age, blamed the world. Dyed his hair blue and pierced every place possible. Hung out with the other kids like him. Broke every school rule, didn't have grades above a B, and always went to bed after midnight, despite his mother's hackles. When the two are paired for tutoring, well, that's when things get complicated. (Punk Phil and Pastel Dan AU) WARNING: Strong language and sexual themes are littered throughout this story. I don't think that I'll be making a smut scene, but I will put a warning at the beginning of that chapter if I do. Now featuring commentary from yours truly! Just check the direct comments section ;)

Chapter 1: Dan and Phil

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Sticks an...
by mikeyunderstars