Not Just An Ordinar...
By Rosesecrets
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#7 in General Fiction (11/12/2016) Shiva and Shalini were the perfect couple. Unfortunately, their closest friends Narain and Anuradha would never get along with each other. Seven years later, their lives have changed drastically. Shiva and Shalini have a six year old daughter named Nila. Narain and Anuradha have struggled at relationships on their own and are trying to move on from their respective pasts. Yet nothing has changed between Narain and Anuradha. They still despise each other and quarrel about something or the other whenever they meet. There is only one person who has their hearts in her hands. Nila. When Narain and Anuradha are left to look after Nila for a month, Nila decides to take matters into her own tiny hands and make her family become not just an ordinary family. Cast: Vikram as Narain Anushka Shetty as Anuradha Baby Sara as Nila Ajith Kumar as Shiva Trisha Krishnan as Shalini Enjoy this story and please do vote and give your comments as you read this story. I really hope you like it. :) Thanks to @before9 for the beautiful cover.


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Not Just...
by Rosesecrets