The Angel From Nex...
By allabout_gaylife
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Lauren Jauregui, the girl who's entire life seems to be spent on the run. From what? She doesn't know. She has now moved to her 34th home in her past 17 years. Across the street from her new home lives a gang of six people, all incredibly attractive and covered in tattoos. They are feared, but respected in the school, and known as The Angels. Their leader, an attractive girl named Camila Cabello who always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Lauren finds herself falling for the Cuban girl, and soon learns the girl's secret. After Lauren gets into trouble 3 times, she finally learns why her mother is always on the run. She is the daughter of heaven and hell. And everyone seems to want her power. Can she be saved? Will her new found love be able to keep her safe? Will she bring on the end of the world? Or the beginning of a good new era?

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The Ange...
by allabout_gaylife