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By BreezyByAssociation
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"You Can tell me, it's my job to help you,'' He Spoke moving closer to me. I could only stare. Why should I open up to him ? My own Family doesn't even know and that's been the plan. I don't need Sympathy from them or my friends. And especially not from a therapist. "I don't know what you're referring to,'' Shrugging my shoulders, I continued staring him in his eyes. "Zendaya,something has happened to you or you have done something you are ashamed of, I can't help fix the problem if i don't know what it is,'' "Listen and listen closely, I don't NEED or WANT your help for anything .You are only here for the money So just stop pretending that you give a damn about me,'' I spat as i got up from the couch and walked out of his office. You Can't fix someone who is already damaged anyway, it's Just not possible.

Marshall Pickens

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Damaged |...
by BreezyByAssociation