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Orphan Ashalia sleeps with her eyes open, walks with her back to the dormitory walls and never lets the other kids see her fears. In a world powered by greed, every moment could be her last. She also has a secret. An ability so powerful that if the ruling caste knew of what she was capable, they might do to her what they did to her parents. At eighteen-years-old, Ash's recruitment day is approaching and she must face a choice - save her brother from certain death on the streets or risk her own life at the hands of a mysterious stranger with silver-blue eyes, who keeps turning up at the most dangerous and inconvenient moments. This story is for fans of Avatar the Last Airbender. Or those who love a book about hidden magic schools and hate-to-love slow burn romances. *COMPLETE* This novel was originally signed to Harlequin's 'Digital Series First' imprint before it closed and the author's rights were reverted. Please note: This novel + BONUS EPILOGUE is now available as an e-book from all good online retailers (Kobo, iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Toino, OverDrive, Bibliotheca, Baker and Taylor, Hoople, and/or Vivlio). If you feel strongly about supporting independent artists like me, please consider checking out the link:

The Hooded Stranger

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