Kindred Spirit
By coolcourtney5
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Your past will never truly be forgotten, I realize this now. Denying it will only make things worse, accepting it will allow you to move on. But do I want to move on? I know how I felt in my past lives, but does that impact how I feel now in this one? Through my visions my past lives are revealed, but it is through my heart that the feelings truly arise. People I once trusted are not who I thought they were, Those I hate turn out to be the very people I can trust. There may be a war happening around me, but there is also a raging war within myself. ------ ShadowBrook and Yuivaria, Two opposing kingdoms ruled by Supernatural beings. Each hold hidden secrets, each have done cruel things. Each desire one person... King Ryker of ShadowBrook has uncovered a secret that may turn the tables on the ongoing war. Somehow his enemy always knew his moves ahead of time, that will all change. Ryker has learned that the King's younger sister has the ability to see into the future, this is how his enemies can foil every attack he unleashes. It was all so simply to King Ryker. He would take the girl and use her to give him the upper hand in the war. However when he finally has her, when he finally looks into those familiar eyes, he is met with someone he knew very well, someone he has loved time and time again. Will Princess Amaya stop hating him long enough to remember the love they shared? What will her past lives reveal to her? Can she handle all that is uncovered? Or will it be the very thing that destroys her? War brought the two together, but can love hold them there? Or is the hatred built up in this life too much? What will young Amaya's visions reveal about herself, her Brother, and her former love? Princess Amaya of Yuivaria will have to decide if she wishes to be who she was raised to be in this life, or return to who she once was? Can she trust those who have betrayed her? Can she trust someone she once loved?

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Kindred S...
by coolcourtney5