Of Another World
By Purpleice27
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What happens when 17 year old Hakura Bluemoon falls asleep in her own bead but wakes up in the middle of the forest in a world that she only dreamed she could be a part of and meets the sayajin who she could have only admired from afar and also, discovers she has a lot more power in his world than she thought she had threw an intrusion while he was training in the gravity chamber, will she break down the stone wall around his heart threw being his new sparing partner and what will happen when a certain purple and white icejin mysteriously reappears even more powerful than before and brings along some family and a new friend. Will her,Vagita ,Goku and the other Z-fighters be able to stop them this time or will all he'll break loose and loose her beloved prince or loose her own life and will trying to protect him. Read the story and find out. (Warning: some yaoi involved)

1. That Fatefull Night

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Of Anothe...
by Purpleice27