What Lies Inside (G...
By Jaethefallenhuman
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"You know sweetheart, lying doesn't get you anywhere with me." He said lighting a cigarette and placing it in between his teeth. Vanilla, leather, and smoke is quite the intoxicating smell. "I'm not lying, also who gives you the right to judge if I'm lying or not?" Something flickers inside me, a warm burning feeling that fuels my anger with this asshole. Walking up closer to me he pins me against the wall, smoke dances around his skull in a vary of swirls and curves. "Let's get something straight dove, I am your worst nightmare and I am your best daydream. I can see right through people, ironic right? There's something about you, I know you're hiding something inside." He really is good at seeing through people, but the thing is I'm not like anybody else. The media I use in this book does not belong to me, they belong to their rightful owners! Gastersans is NOT my original character ! He was created by Borurou Undertale was created by Toby Fox Highest rankings #1 Gatersansxreader #1 Gastertale #19 Gastersans


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What Lies...
by Jaethefallenhuman