Swirl - #Wattys2017
By readitoryourlame
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Carson Jasper Anderson .. Just a boy who stays to himself. Has females throwing themselves at him, but he doesn't want them, he dubs them like a piece of raw liver. He's been through a lot but he's strong as ever. He's not like any cocky, confident full of himself jerk. There's something wrong with him and someone needs to break his shell. One day he catches a very pretty girl, Chantels gaze and instantly looks away Carson hurts people to much and won't risk hurting her. ********************************* Chantel Magesty Moore .. A pretty dark-skin girl who can get anyone she wants but she's not that kind of girl and will wait for love to find her. She's stubborn, stuck up and hard headed so if you tell her to stay away she won't listen. She has a best friend who cares dearly about her and hurts anybody or anything who tries to mess with her, and it goes both ways. Chantel catches the eye of the handsome Carson himself and wonders what's going through his mind. She wants to find out more about him. But how will she do it? ******************************* Okay guys sorry I'm not good with descriptions but if you don't understand this just read and find out. This is a book I am just starting & I hope you like it. xoxo 💛 Love : @itzraybaby

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Swirl - #...
by readitoryourlame