Clipped Wings (Mark...
By otomonmon
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~ Terror, is of the unknown Horror, is of the known But both, are fear ~ It was just another year, another panel with his friends. He expected everything to be the same, until (y/n) literally came flying into his life. After offering her a home, befriending her, and his friends accepting her...everything seemed right in the world But nothing can stay perfect With many beings in one mind, Love is a dangerous thing. And to let go of an emotion so big... Well, Sometimes, you have to clip their wings to make them stay (First part is Prologue, read to avoid confusion because I'm terrible at descriptions) PLEASE READ: This alternates perspectives between reader, Mark, and third-person. If you check the tags you see that 'yandere' is there, also that it says 'ipliersxreader'. All the tags are meant to be there and are in the story. This is a gradual process with lots of time skips as to avoid 'love at first sight'. Mark also never will physically hurt the reader. Can't promise about others. Also Jack DOES become important LATER ON. You won;t see much of him in the beginning but my tags are NOT FALSE. ok im done lol

Prologue/Book Trailer

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Clipped W...
by otomonmon