The Dark Throne (Th...
By _shiro_usagi_
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-The Sequel to The Dark Queen- One month have passed since the First Bloods, Tsukinami brothers appeared right in front the heroine, Sakurazuka Chiaki. Happiness are flowing around her. Graduate from the college. Her relationship with the man she loved continues and turned out very well. Surrounded by the people she loved, friends and family. Perfect, everything is perfect. Until... The past came to haunt her back. The past she was trying to forget. The past she considered only a nightmare and was hoping it did not happened. The man or what she knew-the vampire she treasured the most before, return right in front of her. With a new goal in his mind, obtaining Chiaki will succeeded whatever he wanted to achieve. Another trial she have to face as her relationship with Mukami Ruki is put on the test again. On the other side, the truth about the Queen's existence began to revealed. Something about Prophecy of the Queen is now unmistakable. The dark throne is now missing one more existence. The King. When the Queen has already been decided, who will be the chosen King for the Queen? Who will be sitting on the throne covered in blood?

Author's Notes

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The Dark...
by _shiro_usagi_