Anne Boleyn And The...
By AshaAus
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The story of Anne Boleyn does not end on the scaffold. The fate of the Tudors is rewritten in blood and fire... I hear it, before I am ready. The high whistle of a sharp blade slicing through the air. Anne Boleyn: the ambitious virgin, the great whore, the queen, the revolutionary, the witch, is going to die... At that moment the world explodes in sound. I hear running and screaming, chaos around me. This is not right. I hear the voice of my killer. "Run! Run now Anne!" he whispers roughly. I rip off the blindfold. My eyes adjust, but what I see makes no sense. Maybe I am dead after all. Maybe this is hell... Anne will fight for survival and revenge in the face of the deadly plague that blights the land. Thomas Cromwell will fight for power in a dying kingdom. A tale of Anne Boleyn with an apocolyptic twist.

The End

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Anne Bole...
by AshaAus