You're My Gift
By viola_star_yasss
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Septiplier/Danti | It was a fairly ordinary day for Jack. I mean, if you consider moving from Ireland to LA up and random ordinary. The least anticipated aspect of the day was the welcome gift placed at Jack's doorstep. Well, that's that. If anything, it was a seed of affection planted, that would grow into a beautiful blossom... all because of the sender. Mark may be the most beautiful person Jack has ever met. Inside and out. But then there were them. The two people that Mark and Jack hated most in the world. The battle has begun. Read as our characters experience love, torture, and inner conflict. Warning: May have sensitive language or intimate moments at some points. If you're not okay with swearing or making out (maybe more), I don't suggest reading this. You may want to be 10+, lol

1 | A Surprise at My Doorstep

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You're My...
by viola_star_yasss