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STATUS: [ ] OPEN [ ] CFCU [X] CLOSED They say, "Don't judge a book by it's cover." But why not? I mean, I certainly do. I know most of you do too. A cover is what makes the book attractive. It makes the readers want to read that book. So, I welcome you all, to my domain of "Forever." Here, I make covers, banners, icons, gif banners, watermarks. sashes, stickers, blends, wallpapers, story ads, pure html threads and headers. If you are in need of one, go ahead and request. My domain is open for requests. I dare you! WARNING : Please read the rules and regulations very carefully and then place your request. Else, I'll be forced to throw you out of this "FOREVER" domain. ;) Disclaimer : I only own the final product. The pictures, textures, templates, etc. used belong to their respective owners unless mentioned otherwise. Cover : @cloud9_forever Program used : Pixlr First Ranking : #551 - Random (08/07/16) Highest Ranking : #62 - Random (03/09/16)

Rules, Regulations & Payment

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