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It has been 4 years now. 4 years since the witch's curse has been lifted, but not much has changed for Norman, that stills is considered a little bit of a freak by some ...and still hasn't changed his haircut, for much that he has tried! However, as Christmas is arriving and so the winter break, Norman decides to take a trip to his great uncle's house, finding his old journal, and also a hope that he always has looked for: a possible answer to his ability to see and speak to the undead. Norman soon discovers that this might not be as easy as he thought, trying to convince his family to go from Massachusetts to Oregon for some time will be difficult, but he is confident that he will manage. Gravity Falls? What's that? Never heard of it. A busy time dealing with dead, mysterious beings, a hard period of waiting, and especially a bunch of confused feelings towards one of the Pines twins. That can't be right! ...Or can it? (This story is set in the year 2016) Hello people! So, I decided to start this book, since I was kinda getting tired of my other book, cause I made the terrible mistake to write it without a real plot! Yes, I am that dumb. Hooowweeeveer...this book is(was) a collaboration! This book started being made by me and another Wattpadian, @White-Hibiscus, that unfortunately had to quit in a rather uncomfortable way. NONE OF THIS FANART IS MINE (well, we'll see about that. Fanart does actually help me with writers block), NOR THE CHARACTERS, THEY ALL BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS [Started September 2016] Ranked #1 Parapines (december 2018 and August 2019)

plans - A/N

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