Complicated Love
By ariana336pm
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Sex, sex, and more sex!!! Read this fan-fiction about Prince having secret love affairs with two other dancers while in a relationship with his girlfriend, Catherine. The story gets juicer as you continue reading them. Romantic, comedic, entertainment, and bullshit. Hope y'all enjoy! Characters: ⁃ Pleasurable Prince ⁃ Courageous Cat ⁃ Mischievous Morris Day ⁃ Seductive and Sophisticated Sheila E. ⁃ Dirty Diamond ⁃ Phenomenal Pearl Description of Characters: Prince: He is a famous musician. This man is always very kinky and horny 24/7. He is the ultimate king of sex. He is best friends with Morris and he is Cat's boyfriend. Cat: She can never take no second chances. She's always reaching for the very top. She is a dancer and works for Prince. She's best friends with Sheila E. She's also Prince's girlfriend. Morris Day: He is always up to no good. He is always looking for some trouble. He is best friends with Prince. Sheila E: She is the star of being sensuous and sexy. She is very intelligent. She plays the drums and works for Prince. She is a very caring person and best friends with Cat. Diamond: She is a dancer and works for Prince. She's always looking for some fun! Pearl: She is a dancer and works for Prince. She's the queen of pleasing people, especially her pimp, Prince.

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by ariana336pm