Lost Days | John Le...
By winstonoboogie
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In 1966, John and Charlie created a story she thought could never be rewritten - especially since she was so unwilling to pick up the pen, as it were. However, in 1973, after all those years he's, surprisingly, the one pushing it towards her. Will she take the offer to recreate a once tragic tale, or will the new chapter prove to be as bad as the last one for John and Charlie? © 2016 WINSTONOBOOGIE Disclaimer: This is a Beatles fanfic, meant solely for entertainment purposes. This should not be read as a biography or be thought of as a nonfiction piece. The way John is portrayed in this story is how I view him through my eyes, not how he truly was in real life. Charlie is just another character I made up, as may be some of the other characters in the book. I do not claim to own or know any of The Beatles. (Short Story.)

Chapter One: Unfortunate Days

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Lost Days...
by winstonoboogie