Cracking The Empero...
By TheBlindTopaz
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This story's a Akashi x reader fanfiction. the story is set in your POV, without the use of [y/n] and anything that sort. This story development will be sort off slow. As in, the story will start off with you knowing nothing about him and unconsciously falling for him in the process. You don't have to watch the anime to understand the story. The whole plot is mine [though I'll add some scene from the anime. To make the story flow better] and the characters will be introduce one by one, but If you're not used with japanese names, it will a little hard to remember them. [Your and Akashi's background will reveal themselves in future chapters.] ~~~ You were never really the elegant one. After being arranged on countless dates that somehow always failed miserably, tell you that. No you were never were a delinguent , you were never the overly talkative one. You are just.. Awkward. But this particular date went well than the others. Maybe it's because of your experience and how you tried to make things going. Will the date just be the only time you can have a decent conversation with him? ~~~ Read to find out! ☆I do not own any of the pictures here☆ Start writing: [July 5, 2016 ] End: [ December 18, 2016 ] [ Last post: 4 january, 2017 ]

Chapter 1 [A blind date]

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by TheBlindTopaz