Demons Run (Rewritt...
By scythereIIa
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Eve is blissfully ignorant of the dangers lurking in the dark-waiting, bidding their time as they plot to tear her apart. Not that she knows any of this. No, Eve is your typical girl in the sense that she walks around with no great knowledge of what hums in her blood. Enter Roman-an ancient Immortal with a reputation that would make even the Knights of Hell cower. He has no soul, no family, and a bloodlust capable of racking up a higher body count than any natural disaster; however, he also has something that most other Immortals let go of with time-his memories, which may just be the last shred of his humanity. He's looking to shed the burden of immortality, and Eve may just be his only shot left. Keep your eyes open, run fast, and don't let the hellhounds catch your scent, because hell is on high alert. Fantasy #749, General Fiction #761 © Elizabeth Elliott and Alexis Neal, all rights reserved 2016

The Beginning: Prologue

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Demons Ru...
by scythereIIa