The Weasels [Harry...
By Emmalee_Sky
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[Alternate Reality / Romance / Action] The Purebloods of Great Britain's wizarding world are being targeted by a ruthless gang of miscreants. They've been dubbed the Weasels because whoever they rob, misfortune falls on them. Exactly like the bad omens that usually come with the cursed creature. Harry Potter, working specifically for the Investigation Department, is put on the case. An undercover job. He's ready to further step into the dangerous world of good versus evil. And his first impression of the Weasels is trouble, big trouble. There's whispers of the group all over. Who are they? Why do what they do? Who runs them? But the truth is a far cry from the rumors. He's intrigued. The further he goes in, the harder it'll be to get out. He knows that. But doe brown eyes and a fiery temper keep him hooked. Harry will have to battle the age-old question whether to do what's right or follow orders when it comes right down to it, and if he decides wrong, he won't be the only one to suffer because of it. ***** This is an alternate reality, okay! There will be differences! Don't panic.

The Weasels

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The Wease...
by Emmalee_Sky