Sasuke x Reader •...
By bakarima
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Blunt, stern, and cold he was. Very different from other boys in your eyes. He was perfect, handsome, and any girl would be happy as hell to have him.. But what you didn't knew was that you would become one of those girls. You never knew how you started to feel these feelings towards him. The first time you met him, he made a good impression. But in one's surface, there's always the deepest secrets. That boy wasn't easy to read, never was. Even though he would always shut people out of his life, he would always treat you different in some type of way. Going from girl to girl, he had everything a boy would want. "Did he really though?" You asked yourself. From your observations, he seemed he wasn't at least a bit grateful of the life he had. "Why?" You wondered; the same exact question that would always cross your mind. Something or someone can never stop a human's curiosity from figuring something out. But what you didn't knew was that a pair of eyes were always watching over you. Nothing is what it seems. {{I'm trying my best in this story. This is a Sasuke x Reader (Modern). Please enjoy. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto.}} 1/11/2019 Note: The overall book is discontinued BUT I'd say that my actual story ends at chapter 37.

1. sasuke uchiha

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Sasuke x...
by bakarima