The Girl of His Dre...
By XandriaGaming
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It was a fortunate run in with a girl that changed Colby's life forever. The problem was she was an extremely shy girl. Savannah Deming, a normal girl, with a some what messed up life. She is the youngest of her family. She has never made any friends. Her family has barely made a normal home. They are constantly moving. Her brother moved away when he was about 18 or so. He moved to California. Colby can't get her off his mind. He only met her when he was making a vine with his best friend Sam. "Colby couldn't seem to focus after that day. We need to find this girl..." -Sam (from the book) "You should thank Vine for that." -Savannah (from the book) Copyrights: XandriaGaming

The Vine

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The Girl...
by XandriaGaming