Clean Money [studxs...
By Alex_Elsie
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DISCLAIMER: This book contains characters of the (L)GBTQ community, strong language, R-rated content and graphic material. Aida Kimani is a prominent prodigy who managed to claw herself to the top of the business world - a dirty den of inequities in which no one is safe. A stray bullet and meaningful threat, is enough to spur Aida into action, prompting her to seek help outside her circle. What she didn't count on was partner in crime, Jae Brown, being the object of all her sinful sensational desires... Jae Brown is a cunning criminal with a convoluted past, who tries her luck at normalcy, seeking a steady life outside the drugs, gangs and violence that persisted throughout her whole existence. Unfortunately, assimilation proves harder than Jae initially thought; running low on funds, and desperate not to return home, Jae needs to find a way to survive, and soon enough, Jae finds herself back in the fold working with a dangerously delicious woman; Aida Kimani... "There is no such thing as 'Clean Money'."

Chapter One: Birthday Bullets.

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Clean Mon...
by Alex_Elsie