The Fourth Piper
By Tweeter109
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The kingdom of Eracelli is failing. The once-beautiful kingdom of artisans and muses is finally falling apart from the outside in from thieves, assassins, and rebels. In order for the land to be redeemed, the Final Song of the Pipes must be played by the legendary Piper - villain or not - to restore what was once glorious. It is the only option left. But the Piper is a myth rumored to lure children with his Song, and only the lucky ones return to tell the tale. Causing chaos and turmoil seemed to be what all the past Pipers knew best. Why would this one choose to stoop down to save the kingdom of the children he is notorious for stealing? Of course, though, that's only a folktale, isn't it? After all, he hasn't been seen in over five years, and the remnants of his cult are practically pure legend. The Song is silent, the kingdom is falling, and the Piper is missing. This Fourth Piper must be found, and if an orphaned spy and a burdened cultsman happen to do it, then so be it. *a loose retelling of The Pied Piper of Hamelin* *chapter banners by @GretchenBearer; cover by me* *Wattpad Picks Hidden Gems!*

Eracelli and Surrounding Kingdoms

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The Fourt...
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