The Priestess [ Fru...
By Hime_chan10
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A young orphan girl always wanted to have a family that will love and protect her. She doesn't remember much about her past only that her name is Atsuko Chouko. She is taken into open arms by a beautiful woman name Kyoko Honda. Atsuko befriends Kyoko's daughter Tohru Honda, who is the same age as her. The two are never seperated and do things together as friends and sisters, but their lives changed when Kyoko passed away in an accident leaving the two sisters orphans. Atsuko and Tohru stick by each other side going through many obstacles together. They are now in high school but they live in the woods. What happens when the sisters befriends a young boy who takes them into his home. I do not own the characters of this story. I only own Atsuko and the book cover. -Started on July 2, 2016

Ch. 1 Chinese Zodiac Animals

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The Pries...
by Hime_chan10