The Pirate Queen &a...
By vovnix
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Fallon Avery was known as the Queen Pirate of Teramir. At the age of twenty she had conquered the seas that swelled between the Known Lands. Her ruthlessness was legendary, as was her beauty - or so the whispers of those whom she spared from death revealed. But what should the Queen Pirate of Teramir do, when all the Known Seas were in her grasp and no one dared challenge her? She sails south to the unknown, where no sailor or pirate has ever ventured, or at least ever returned. Dare she push the boundaries of the sea? What did she have to lose? After a bitter farewell to his father in a noble sailor's burial, Demetrius Jones, vowed to disappear from Hath'eruil, his hometown, forever. With nothing anchoring him to the small fishing town he arms himself with navigating tools, notebooks and a lifetime dream of sailing the Known Seas. As Demetrius joins a crew and sets off to the watery world he wonders to himself: What could go wrong? As the fate of both Fallon and Demetrius intertwine, they enter a world that neither had ever imagined possible - a world where legend, myth, nightmares and dreams twist together. Was it possible to escape this world? Dared they even try? Could Fallon and Demetrius put aside their differences to find out?

Chapter 1: Beginnings & Changes

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The Pirat...
by vovnix