Spirit Book
By Kashyn
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • action
  • adventure
  • apparition
  • book
  • death
  • demons
  • friends
  • ghouls
  • horror
  • incantation
  • monsters
  • mystery
  • notebook
  • puzzles
  • queen
  • risa
  • sense
  • six
  • snow
  • spirit
  • spirits
  • suspense
  • teenager
  • teenagers


Risa Saint-Clair is always fascinated in the world's shadows. The shadow where spirits and monsters and demons dwelt, where there is a special inheritance called 'the gift'. At a young age Risa's parents died as what the police had called an 'accident', her Grandmother, whom she had abandoned one night, is nowhere to be found and believed to had died that same night she abandoned her... Now at sixteen with only a couple of trusted friends at her side, supporting her, and the Spirit Book which she had wrote at the age of eight, things started to become very weird. She wants to find out about her parents and her Grandmothers mysterious disappearance, but before she could start investigating demons, monsters and spirits are starting to pop out at everywhere; with the only way to stop them is found on the spirit book, which is also the very thing that they want... Can she survive this predicament? Can she unravel the truth surrounding her family heritage?

Prologue- Spirit Book

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Spirit Bo...
by Kashyn