Revelation: Son of...
By JH_Klaus
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(Revelation: Son of Trojeim is currently completed and undergoing the tedious process of editing. All future chapters will be unedited, as well, so I welcome your feedback for errors you find and general ideas you have. New chapters will be added on Wednesdays and Saturdays.--JHK) "He shall come as a storm and bring about the return of the Nightwalker. The black mass will rally again to its dark messiah and lay waste amongst the fires of war." A shadow, thought to be destroyed long ago, has begun to stir once more and now Fredrik Caeruleo must bear witness to what the prophecy holds for him and the land of Verona. With a dark creature tracking him down once more, Fredrik decides to leave his adopted home of Oak-tree to go into hiding until the time when he is needed, and to protect the ones he loves. In search of answers to his past, and a mysterious dream, Fredrik knows where he must go--his place of birth in the north--the mountain stronghold of Trojeim. The only trouble now is finding the city that cut itself off from the world hundreds of years ago. With the words of a hooded figure guiding him, Fredrik prepares for the dangers that lie ahead. Fear is spreading, tensions are rising, and the fate of Verona now rests upon his shoulders.

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by JH_Klaus