The Awakening
By Mkwaah
  • Fantasy
  • awakening
  • death
  • dreaming
  • lucid
  • soul


Eight-year old Martin McCoy accidentally breaks an ancient jar in a witch’s hut and gets stuck with an eternal curse, forced to roam the dreams of other people in his sleep. He learns to live with it: a restless soul with the ability to listen to those awake, and enter the minds of those asleep—at the risk of being trapped in that state forever, should the person die. Sixteen years later, he bumps into Samantha Norris at an airport on the way to a writer’s convention. Childhood friends, they’d made a pact with each other that if they ever met again they would look for Swinburne, the witch, in hopes of breaking the spell. Using the residual thoughts in Sam’s subconscious, they track down the witch’s location with the help of the very spell she’d put on Martin—but that’s not all he finds out, entering her dreams.

Chapter One: Flash Forward

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The Awake...
by Mkwaah