Order Of The Crimso...
By ZenoLjh
  • Fantasy
  • army
  • battles
  • crimson
  • dragon
  • fantasy
  • guild
  • knights
  • order
  • war


In the beginning, during the Middles Ages of man on a long forgotten country, an Order of Knights was formed to keep peace throughout the country. The Order was named Order of the Crimson Knights, due to it being ruled by a six member council of elite Knights. They were marked as leaders due to them wearing red. They were given the choice of creating their own family Crest and each leader gained a portion of by the country. However, even in an Order formed to keep peace, greed and thirst for power still thrive in the hearts of men. All but one man wanted power and everything that comes with it. His name is Sir Elric Rice, can he keep peace among the land and remove the others from power? The answer is no, he cannot do this by himself as he is going against his so called brothers who have fallen into a hungry abyss. He will need the help of a young man, a young man that could end this hunger of power and greed.


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Order Of...
by ZenoLjh