Line of Fire (Book...
By LBrooks23
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Book #1 of "Line Of Fire" Series: Alexa Cortez is no stranger to tragedy. Most of her life has been decorated with tough decisions and hardships, inevitably resulting in a desperation to find some sort of stability. Surviving in the depths of Los Angeles is difficult, but when times get tough then the tough rob banks. After a heist gone wrong, Alexa ends up with a government agent at the foot of her hospital bed. A life changing ultimatum on the table. She and her friends have no choice but to comply if they want to insure a chance at freedom, leaving them on the front line of a dangerous investigation. But Alexa quickly discovers that when her and her friends are forced into the line of fire, the good guys can become enemies and the bad can become heroes.

Copyright © 2016 Lauryn Brooks

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Line of F...
by LBrooks23