The Chronicles of a...
By dd_turner
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Cris Alexander Ellison is a young man who, with great pride, overtly claims and supports the culture of Hip Hop. Little does Cris know that he has a direct genealogical link to an ancient, prophetic African tribe that is said to have sown the seeds for the Hip Hop ideal some several thousand years ago. As a result of this unique link to the past, Cris soon finds out that he is the anointed holder of an ancient mystical key; one that will release the current Hip Hop culture from its dwindling existence — and guide it back on the golden path of resurgence. Fully accepting his noble destiny, Cris sets out to fulfill the prophecy — only to encounter a major tumbling block in Roger “Feedback” Cromwell and his Hip Hop for Destruction clan. What follows next is a pulse-pounding race for survival as Cris tries to fulfill his date with destiny — and evade certain death at the hands of a ruthless enemy.

The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend, Paths of Grand Wizardry

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The Chron...
by dd_turner