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• English • half/closer - Hilary and Khloe ❝ Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of your own fear, under the sea of your limitation and behind the zone of your comfort. All you need is to obliterate the invisible streak with courage. ❞ Hilary Damien goes with the flow. Although she already has everything---popularity, friends, beauty, and wits, a tragic loss from the past contributed issues to go against her heart's desire. And she doesn't have the bravery to fight for what she truly needs. Khloe Summer goes against the flow. Although she has all the nerve to get what her heart's ambition- --a high-paying career, a modernized treehouse, an imperfection and error from the past concealed the truth about herself. And she fears that they will influence the momentum of her determination. However, because of art, they happened to be in the same flow. As they collide, will they be able to find strength from each other? Or meeting halfway and getting closer is going to be a heartbreak? ... *some events are related to Raindrops and Kiss & Tease series so it's going to be more convenient to read them first* »This is an LGBT-themed story. Read at your own risk«

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