Hull - Volume III
By JamesKryack
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • crime
  • detective
  • hull
  • mystery
  • newfield
  • oregon
  • volume


Death undone and secrets unraveled. A developing global dynamic and a paradigm shift as society grinds against the desideratum of change. New forces are at play, desperate to fill recent voids and push the world in their own volatile direction. Amidst the ebb and flow, a familiar face reemerges in light of a revelation that shakes John Walker to his core: Sheridan Hull is alive. Absent for almost three years, Sheridan has been working to ensure the events that culminated in his supposed death would not be repeated, targeting the remaining operatives still trying to bring about order from chaos and nullifying their presence in public and private fields. From the careful deconstruction of an underground empire to the exposing of its surviving assets, he has extinguished the flickering evil that once stood ready to engulf civilization. Now something else threatens to disturb the course of history as it is written, and his future actions are made clear. He returns with a message, an admonition birthed from his time spent dismantling the criminal syndicate once known as Chimaera. There are still unknown entities working in secrecy, all with the intent of creating a perverted international order that fits their needs. One has managed to stay in hiding until its prime moment, and now it has chosen the clever detective, the honorable doctor, and the resilient city of Newfield as its primary targets. But they are just the beginning, a new beginning that has risen from the ashes left by the death of Moriarty. Once more Sheridan Hull and John Walker are the vanguard against the might of a blaze that refuses to be quelled. Someone wants a world on fire.

Placet Redire Ad Nobis

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Hull - Vo...
by JamesKryack